I love MJ

An excerpt from an interview of 3T on their uncle Michael, year 1995

How did the recording of this other song on which Michael sings -“I Need You”- go?

TajWe made him listen to the song and he loved it. He just wanted TJ to re-sing one or two sentences and put more emotion in it. So TJ said that was a great idea but he wanted Michael to how him how to do it. So we all went to the studio where Michael was recording his own songs five minutes away from where we were. We gave him a call and he came. He helped TJ all the way through the recording of his part and he also got the idea for the voice inflexions in the end. The producer of the track then asked him if he would sing at the end of the song and Michael said “of course.” When Michael started singing, the producer started crying because it was a dream come true for him; to see Michael Jackson singing one of his songs.

Why do you call Michael “Uncle Doo Doo”?

Taryll: As you know, he’s stupid (laughs). He does silly things.

Taj: It’s one of the thousand nicknames he gave himself. Even when he’s away, we stay in touch with him. We send him letters and he answers. He signs his letters “Uncle Doo Doo,” it’s just to do something silly.

So there’s no real meaning behind it?

Taj: No! (laughs) I’m sorry, I wish there was one!

What’s your favorite song on the HIStory album?

Taj: Gosh, I don’t know. It’s hard to tell...

TJ: One thing’s for sure, out of all his albums, this is probably our favorite one because it has more songs on it! (laughs)

What do you think of “Money”?

Taryll: What do we think of money?

No, the song! (laughs)

Taryll: I love it. It’s great. Seriously, I really love “Money”. Actually, the whole album is fantastic.

TJ: I like the words of this song, they’re really strong and, in most cases in America, they tell the truth.

During the Dangerous Tour, you spent a lot of time on the road with Michael. Tell us more about it…

Taryll: I think that’s when we learned the meaning of the words “travel” and “do a show”. At the time of the Jackson 5 and even the Victory Tour, we were too young and we had to go to school. We would only travel during our school breaks so we wouldn’t miss class. During the Dangerous Tour, we had the opportunity to spend time away from home without having to go back to school. Each day, for months, we saw everything. We saw the fans, the way our uncle would act with them. He taught us lots of things. We learned a lot.

Do you see Michael as your uncle or as the King of Pop? Can you, for example, tell him anything you want?

Taryll: Oh yes! One time, during the Dangerous Tour, he’d get the words wrong during “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” and show after show, he’d make the same mistake. We kept telling him but he’d always forget. One day, he finally sang the words correctly and at that very moment, he pointed at us from the stage. We have a video camera and another time we asked him to wave at us while he’d be onstage and he did so during “Heal The World,” that was funny. It reminds us he’s still our uncle. When we’re backstage playing video games or acting stupid or joking around, he’s just Uncle Doo Doo. But when he comes up onstage, even us we get stunned, he’s fantastic. Anybody would get stunned seeing him perform, it’s the same for us.

People must ask you loads of questions about Michael. Is it okay with you?

Taryll: It doesn’t bother us. We’re very proud of our uncle. We understand why people want to talk about him, it’s because he’s great! It’s nice to talk about him sometimes, but when we get up at 5:30 in the morning to do a TV interview at 6 and there’s not a single question about us… but we don’t mind. We wouldn’t be where we are today without him, we know that. He gave us so much.

TJ: He gave us so much advice, it gave us confidence in ourselves.

Taryll: He taught us how to write songs, how to sing, he helped us. Without him, we would still have made an album but I don’t think it would have been as good. He really taught us a lot of things.

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